Pure, Simple, Honest. Those words permeate the essence of Conservation Theory.  From the heartfelt songwriting that comes directly from the creative soul to the care of the Earth that is set as a priority, Conservation Theory brings a voice to happiness, sorrow, spirituality and tradition. We have but one life. We wish all to live it to the fullest.  Come visit with us here, send an email, find a date to come out and see a performance.

A care for the Earth and a spirit endowed with a love of music and creativity.  This is what drives Conservation Theory.  Music flows in one form or another from every member of the band.  It is not just something to do.  It is a drive, a passion.  To bring forth songs and perform, to touch people, to interact.  To have a celebration each and every time out on stage.  We are the rustic Appalachian Americana folk band from the beginnings of the Blue Ridge in South Carolina.  We speak of the mountains, rivers, heartache and downhome love and life.